I have been more than 5 years in digital marketing industries, and have helped multiple small companies to grow their business.

We began providing Digital Marketing Courses in 2018 when became a popular Digital Marketing Blog. In addition to Training Programs and Career Courses, we also provide specialized academic programs. The quality of the services and courses at is of ultimate importance. Due to this reason, we have succeeded in our efforts.
You need to realize that we are a group of people offering together digital marketing courses and services in Bangladesh and throughout the rest of the world. As a result of working with professionals in the marketing and development fields, we have gained a wealth of experience. Particularly, we meet this criterion exceptionally well. Throughout the last 5 years, we have worked in this industry. As a result of our experiences and help from some renowned experts, we launched these Professional Courses. Jamil Monsur mainly focuses on providing quality training to serve the younger generation. Having said that, we gain hope to see our students become leaders of the world’s competitive industries.

What makes you
for training?

  • The professionals will provide you with training on a one to one basis
  • Having known the trends and the necessities, we can steer clear of their potential pitfalls.
  • This website is dedicated to educating our audience about the reality of the market and attempting to encourage them to stay in this industry
  • You will gain much more than just the knowledge of the Courses; you will learn the necessary strategy you must employ to succeed in the world.
  • If you need support, you can count on full-time support even if your courses are completed.
  • Keeping a person’s curiosity in mind, we try to build them suitable for the task.
  • We have opportunities for you to work with us since we are providing services.
  • Our course plan has been prepared based on what is required only, not for formality.

To find out more about our specific Course Programs, we have included a detailed description below.



We recommend you follow our blog and our YouTube channel, rather than taking any course, for information on making money online. Besides, if you are theoretically proficient in entrepreneurship, but in practice you have not been successful, join us.

What you want to do will depend on the answer to this question. In this course, you will learn the basics of SEO, affiliate marketing, and local SEO. In addition to freelancing after completing the course, you will not have to pay any fees related to the above. If you wish to set up an affiliate site, on the other hand, and do not write anything yourself, then your content will cost much more to cover the costs.

This course was recorded. Feel free to check out the videos at your own pace, and if you have any problems you can send them directly to the support group or to me by e-mail. The course is not live so you do not need to watch it at a specific time.

It’s not a purchase. Of course, the only reason you’re purchasing is to watch my video. Buying to work. Normally, you can watch a video on your mobile device, but you cannot do anything with it on a mobile device. Therefore, viewers don’t need to purchase a course just to watch.

your learning skills play a significant role.