What The Differences Are?

The following are some of the features, perks, and comments that our customers have provided on their experience working with Jamil Monsur on their websites.

We provide unique web design combined with extensive search engine optimization, online advertising, and content strategy to ensure business growth.

Website and Hosting

You will be able to get all of your web pages found and indexed by the search engines.

The sitemap is automatically updated whenever a page, post, product or category changes.

As we build your website, our project managers have a keen eye for detail, and we have a QA process at the end that double-checks that the standards were met.

On all Jamil Monsur websites, we provide a 12 month warranty as part of the contract. Please let us know if something doesn’t work as expected, or if something appears to break.

You can edit your website with ease by dragging and dropping or clicking to edit with our page builder Elementor.

With Jamil Monsur, transferring your domain, website, and emails has never been easier. Let us handle the hard work as we specialize in DNS and Cpanel setups.

When you build a website with Jamil Monsur, you will have access to our licensed account with Shutterstock , Canva and Storyblocks, which will allow you to use the images from these sites on your website.

With Jamil Monsur, you don’t need to worry about buying separate plugin licenses since Jamil Monsur integrates a set of premium paid plugin licenses. As well as having great developers and support behind them, the plugins we have chosen avoid bloat and reduce potential coding conflict.

Google Analytics and a Google My Business listing will also be created as part of the website build process. It is our pleasure to help you manage either of these listings if you have either.

Customer Service

Jamil Monsur has many connections and referral partners, if you are looking for someone to assist you in the fields of IT, Marketing, Graphic Design, or Google Adwords, you can count on us to recommend someone.

They help push economic growth and the local economy by opening up employment opportunities locally to people who may not want to be employed by these big box businesses. Small businesses are known to play a significant role in supporting local community charities and causes.

Local marketing refers to tactics that focus on local markets close to your place of business. Businesses with a physical presence, such as restaurants, upscale retail stores, and advisory services, benefit greatly from local marketing.

Ready for a new website?

Let’s construct a site design that advertises your company and brings in new customers together as a team.

We will assist you with the design, domains, hosting, email accounts, website, search engine optimization, and Google at every stage of the process.