What is SEO and how it can help you ? New Update in 2024

I will discuss SEO in this post. Google is looking for a number of things, so continue reading to discover what they are looking for. Having said that, this blog is really about making sure you are found on Google by capturing as many leads as possible.

What is SEO ?

search engine optimization

Before I determine what search engine optimization is, let me clarify what it is. It is the process by which a website or webpage is displayed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing unpaid search results or in either organic or paid search results as a result of some activity. Here is an example of that, I tried searching for auto repair shops in Dover Delaware on Google, which yielded this result.

Basically, it will be a paid advertisement. This set of results outlined in red constitutes paid advertisements; they are not results from natural searches, so they represent merchants who have paid to appear in this set of results. At least one of these merchants is at the very top of these results. This shade of green is essential; these are the organic search results. It is the default website that people click on to learn about the company, and typically this has 10 results.

Do search engine placements matter? 

It appears that some of the results here are from Google Places; whichever position on the page you place your search term, you’ll get results from these local business listings. Usually, when I speak about services I am going to write more about them in a later blog.

Why should I use SEO?

It is extremely important to be on the first page and in a certain position on the first page. Here are some statistics that prove this. What you can see here is page one gets 91.5% of the traffic, because this is an ad platform similar to Google Adwords. On page two, only about 5% of the text is left, and the remaining text is relegated to leftover bits and scraps.

  • Does it make sense to be on the front page?

Almost everyone goes to the first page of search results, so if you’re not on the first page you are missing 90% of the traffic. Therefore, it is imperative that you show up on the index page. However, there is another factor that is equally important, and that is your placement on that page. 

Search Engine Market Share

In addition, there is a chart demonstrating how important it is to be the first competitor, second competitor, third competitor, etc. The increase in traffic to your website, if it’s ranked first on the first page of Google, would translate into approx. Almost a third of traffic, that goes to that page, is directed there. You will receive about 17% if you make the second spot, 12% if you reach third place, and so on. Therefore, you will begin to see that traffic decreases drastically after the sixth or seventh position, and then it begins to rapidly decline again after the second page, which is the eleventh position thereafter. You don’t want to be in the second through the fifth position, any search engine optimization company that’s offering you their support ought to be striving to get you there.

What are the benefits of SEO?

The first thing you’re going to notice is that all the traffic, all the leads, and all the sales that happen with organic searches are all free. If you’re ranked, it doesn’t cost you anything to get your website traffic; you don’t have to put ads, email campaigns, network, etc. The traffic is free, passive, and of great quality, so it should be an integral part of your overall online marketing campaign. SEO should be a part of that, along with your content or email lists, and all the other tools that you use to market yourself. 

Early Search Engines

Early Search Engine

Now let me give you some insight into the search engine industry, and why we do what we do and what you should do if you want your site ranked. Now, search engines are search programs, which operate on computer programs. They can locate websites based on the criteria you specify in your search query. In other words, whatever key phrase you input, Google is going to run a search on the whole web in order to locate web pages that contain that particular keyword, and it will return a list of sites that match that keyword the best. So how does it work? Basically, their mission is to provide you with the best available results that are as direct and accurate regarding what you are searching for as possible. The reason they do that is so you will keep on returning to it, so your business will grow and they will be able to create more revenue by having you click their ads because that’s essentially how they make money. Google makes millions of dollars by showing you ads and Bing and Yahoo want you back because you got exactly what you wanted, so you keep coming back. you’re looking for. In the early days, search engines did not work very well. As a result, online listings were largely just directories of favorite websites. In order to get the best results from search engines, you need to enter information about your new website. And then the users determine the website’s category. A person would be assigned a category to assign your website; or, someone else would assign a list to your website. Today’s search engines do not function like that, and all of this changed in 1996 when two college students were seeking research at Stanford. This is what the two authors noticed when they were looking at other research papers and their works as doctoral students when their research paper would conclude with a bibliography. In their bibliography, there are references and citations that support the information that they are presenting in their own paper.

References and Citations

References and Citation

A particular citation gets more points in that world if there are too many papers that reference it, for instance, if George Bibi was cited a lot. When the paper of George Bibi has become quite authoritative, people are quoting it more frequently, meaning the source has some valuable information. Therefore, they thought it would be reasonable to use this concept in regard to websites as well. For example, ranking a website authority based on the number of citations it has on other websites. Google was founded by two guys by the names of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who invented Page Rank. These two guys are the founders of Google. Basically, you now have a vague idea of where the concept of Page Rank came from. Google’s algorithm relies on the network structure to allow it to assess the relevance of sites. Here is an example of how Google looks at websites if the entire internet consists of these eleven websites, then these pages would rank in Google’s eyes. Larger circles indicate more importance; more important are the rankings and the better the PageRank. As we can see by the size of the circle, the lower their page rank is, and as we can see by the number, this number represents the overall page rank of the website, so take a look at this code for example B. What is the reason for that? The internet is more than just a website, it is practically every site on our planet. 

High citations = high-rank

Websites and blogs refer to the latter and this website refers back. 

  • what is it that is causing this to continue?

The reason this site is considered a high-age rank site is because it refers to this particular website. As a result of this, Page Rank takes into account a number of There are a number of factors that can contribute to the ranking of your website, which includes a number of different websites that link back to it. But it looks at how good or how authoritative the website you’re reviewing is, and that’s referencing you. What I am saying is, in essence, that PageRank functions the same way that Google does. 

  • why do I keep mentioning Google so much?

Here’s a little bit about Google’s current search engine traffic, because I want you to understand its big footprint. So even now Google is the primary gateway for traffic on the web. Google topped the list of search engines, followed by Bing and Yahoo. The rest of the pack accounted for about four percent. However, some data support the idea that Google is even bigger. This is because Google scores higher than both Yahoo and Bing with people who go to Yahoo and Bing first. As a result, I consider Google to be even more important than what this chart suggests, so anyone failing to handle Google as a business in a manner that is cognizant of what Google is striving to achieve is not doing their job in my opinion. 


Page rank on Google

web crawler or spider

What Google does is it searches the net and catalogs it, which is undertaken with the aid of a program that is called a Spider. A spider is basically a program that crawls the internet, spiders go to various websites, so if you have a website Google spiders are going to come to that website, it’s going to scan and assess the content of the pages. It’s going to look at the code, it’s going to look at all the tags, the metatags, and what have you, and then it’s going to take that information and bring it back to Google’s mainframe computers. The index this content, bring it back to the mainframe computers, and in those mainframe computers at Google; Google analyzes all the websites. It’s going to analyze your website using a very complex computer algorithm and formula to determine what your search engine placement would be. So it’s going to put all kinds of weightings and different factors of your website, it’s going to look at all the backlinks that you have, the social signals, and a bunch of other stuff that I’m going to talk about in a minute and determine where your website should rank on their search engine. The algorithm is the key to cracking Google; right so, if you knew the algorithm, you could determine how to rank in Google. We do know that the algorithm is highly sophisticated; it’s been significantly upgraded and honed in the past twenty-four months. I mean it’s been around for years, but it’s been significantly upgraded they’re using artificial intelligence in addition to route formulas and algorithms to determine where your website should rank. The precise formula is a closely guarded secret, it’s kind of like the formula for Coke, which is only known by two people in the world, it’s kept in a vault somewhere in Switzerland, and those two people who know the formula don’t ever travel together. Google’s formula is kind of like that, Sergey Brin and Larry Page probably know the formula but there are not too many other people that know the formula. 

What is google’s formula?

Now, what if I told you that we have cracked Google’s formula? What if I told you that I’m going to reveal what Google’s formula actually is? And that using this formula you can get your website ranked high on Google, would you believe me? I’m going to reveal what Google’s formula is right now, here’s Google’s formula, this is not their mathematical formula. It is the factors that they use in ranking your website, so let me read it. Google rewards high-quality websites with compelling relevant and dynamic content that people stay to read, or view, come back to over and over again, and share on their social networks and that other good sites refer to. Okay, it’s a little bit complicated, so let me read it again, Google rewards high-quality websites with compelling relevant, and dynamic content that people stay to read, or view, come back to over and over again, share on their social networks and that other good sites refer to. Now if you do all this for your website I guarantee you that your website is going to rank high, now what I’m going to talk about in the next blog I’m going to pick apart each one of these elements in Google’s formula. And tell you exactly what that means and tell you exactly what you need to do on your website to meet their criteria.

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