WoWonder review in 2024 – PHP Social Networks and The ultimate solution

Are you searching for a PHP Social Media Script to build your social media platform?
You made a good decision. However, finding the best script can be a challenge. Many newbies lose their zeal when designing a website or writing content for it. Furthermore, people with limited coding knowledge may feel overwhelmed by all the options available in WoWonder review.
To accomplish this, I researched in-depth and came up with the best PHP script to create a social network.
Below is a description of the WoWonder script. The WoWonder script can be used to build your very own social network.

Alternatively, email the item support page if your question goes beyond this help file.


But what exactly is WoWonder?

The WoWonder PHP Social Network script is one of the best in the market. In addition, doughnut Forest has created excellent writing rated five stars.

CodeCanyon WoWonder allows you to build a fully functional and professional-grade social media network without knowing to code.

Their main concern was security while creating the script. WoWonder was built using the prosperous coding and popular Bootstrap framework. A caching system will make your social network lightning fast.

Ads can be displayed on your site, and subscription plans can be implemented to monetize your site. WoWonder allows you to implement these options quickly.

Introducing WoWonder, a PHP Social Network Script; WoWonder is the best way to start your social network website! Our platform is fast, safe, and constantly updated.

Our advanced API system allows us to offer the only social network in the market with native mobile applications!


WoWonder is available under the Envato Extended & Regular License from DoughouzForest.

What is the difference between Extended and Regular licenses?

Generally, an Extended License is required if the end-user must pay to use the end product, so if you charge your end users, you should own an Extended License.

Features, updates, and technical support are the same in both versions.

Each environment has a license requirement, so each can only be used in one domain.


  • You can easily customize the WoWonder script. Every aspect of your social network can be customized.
  • To me, a one-time payment makes the most sense.
  • Optional charges have given it additional strength.
  • It has a user-friendly admin panel but is also powerful. From here, you can manage your entire site.
  • WoWonder is also API compatible. Users can use their social network accounts to log in to other websites.
  • WoWonder is mobile-friendly.
  • Friends can be found instantly by searching. Relationships and genders can also be filtered.


  • WoWonder can only handle over one million users for server and technical reasons.
  • Currently, only two layouts are available. We need more designs for WoWonder.
  • Only the Advance package comes with installation services.
Features of WoWonder

Features of WoWonder

It comes with all the advanced features you will ever need for managing and running your social network. The following features are among the most popular:

1. Advanced Administrator:

To effectively manage social networks, WoWonder offers a comprehensive admin panel. In addition, a powerful admin panel is included with CodeCanyon WoWonder. As a result, you can administer your social network to your heart’s content.

You can manage your site’s content, users, posts, pages, groups, etc. Personalization options include changing the color, style, etc. Also, you can customize the settings for your unique social network.

2. Direct messaging:

We all know that people use social networks primarily for communication with their friends and families. A popular form of communication on social networks is live chatting. In essence, WoWonder has developed a NodeJs-based Instant Messaging system.

You can send instant text messages and audio, make video calls, send emojis, and create chat groups. So if you can communicate instantly on social networks, what’s the point?

3. Online streaming:

Live streaming has become a popular way to communicate online in recent years. However, you will have trouble persuading people to use your social platform without a Live streaming feature. A top-of-the-line live streaming system has been made available by WoWonder.

Any device can be used to go live on your social networks.

4. Revenue:

In the end, whatever service you provide, you’ll need money to maintain it. This requires you to find a way to monetize your platform. As a result, a monetization feature with advanced capabilities was built into WoWonder.

Through WoWonder, you don’t need to worry about how you will get paid if you sell subscription-based services or display advertising on your social network.

5. Here are your payment options:

WoWonder is a script that allows you to create subscription-based social networks. Or sell subscriptions through your social network. Most payment methods are supported now.

With seamless payment, you can accept payments from your users regardless of whether they have Bitcoin, PayPal, a local bank, credit or debit cards, or mobile devices.

6. Flexible:

Regardless of the type of website you create, many audiences will access your site via mobile devices. Because of this, your site will lose many users if it is not responsive. In addition, poor user experiences do not help business growth.

Keeping this in mind, the WoWonder script has been designed to be responsive and pixel-perfect across mobile devices.

Your users will have a great browsing experience regardless of their device or OS.

7. Cached content:

Loading speeds that are fuzzy or delayed negatively impact the user experience. As speed is crucial for providing a great user experience, CodeCanyon WoWonder will make your social network a lightning-fast loading experience.

This can be accomplished with the help of WoWonder’s powerful caching system. Using this option will speed up the loading of your website.

Current Version: v4.0.1

  • Added audio player for MP3s.
  • Added Yandex API for mapping.
  • Support for Yandex payments added.
  • They also added Iyzipay as a payment method.
  • Securionpay has been added as well.
  • We have added the authorize.Net payment method.
  • Social login via OK.RU has been added.
  • New APIs added to the developers page: get_pages, get_groups, get_products, get_followers, get_following, get_friends
  • Added links to mobile apps on the welcome page and sidebar, managed in the admin panel.
  • Various sections of the site have been updated.
  • We have updated our documentation and FAQs at
  • The product price is now visible.
  • On the profile page, links no longer work.
  • We have fixed the ajax load issue in a few pages.
  • Images imported from links were broken.
  • Add as a family system now works correctly.
  • Security vulnerability fixed.
  • More than ten minor bugs were fixed.
  • API issues fixed.

Sign up using your social media account.

With WoWonder, users can quickly and easily register for your website with social login plugins.

Check out this guide to configuring social login.

Questions and answers about WoWonder

You can contact the company by phone or online.

Ultahost and Amazon S3 are integrated with WoWonder.

There are three plans available:

starting at $99.00/month

Subscription model

The typical WoWonder user is:
Small businesses, freelancers

Currently, there is no available API for WoWonder.

The users and types of organizations WoWonder works with are Mid Size businesses, Small businesses, enterprises, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.
WoWonder supports several languages in its products.
WoWonder supports the following languages: Afrikaans, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

WoWonder does have a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

They provide documentation for training.

WoWonder is priced at $125 for a one-time purchase.

Support is included with purchase, and a premium option is available.

In addition to the training included with purchase, WoWonder offers an additional fee or premium.


My final decision was the WoWonder script as the best PHP script for social networks. Thanks to the application’s powerful features, you have extensive control over your social network. Therefore, WoWonder is the script to choose if you don’t have advanced coding knowledge but want to build a social network.

Additionally, the WoWonder script has a one-time pricing plan that makes it a good choice. However, you may prefer the advanced program if you want your social network built and the script installed.

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